Media and Entertainment Solutions


People all over the world gain access to information that influences their daily lives through media resources such as television, magazines, Internet, newspapers and other sources of print.  Those resources are also the most effective method to get information to many people at one time.  Given this reality, PsychThink strives to:

  • Develop and expand awareness of psychological issues through mass media resources

  • Increase the accuracy and portrayal of psychological issues, including mental illness in the media

  • Provide avenues and resources to promote an improvement of mental health for all individuals

  • Increase awarness of the impact of diversity


Film and Print

  • In-depth consultation regarding strategies to portray an array of mental disorders for use in film, television, fiction, and non-ficition literature.  Each consulting experience is treated as a specialized and individual case.  We employ various methods including but not limited to: script analysis and performance coaching to assist clients in achieving a realistic portrayal of behavioral and emotional issues.


  • Current research and facts on mental illness and resources


Reality Television

We offer clinical support designed specifically for reality television programming in the areas of:

  • Evaluation and selection screening of potential participants.  Including a screening to address volatile participants, and participants that may present themselves and/or others with harm.


  • Participant debriefing which may include individual and group opportunities to process feelings and emotions concerning relationships, interactions, termination of experience, etc.